The Science Directorate of the Ministry of Education and Science published the updated National Roadmap for Research Infrastructure of Bulgaria (2020-2027). Twelve new research infrastructures with the highest score from the international evaluation panel are included in the 2020-2027 update of the document, including “National Center for BioMedical Photonics – NCBMP”. See details HERE.

Roadmap for scientific infrastructure of the Republic of Bulgaria for the period 2020 – 2027

After completion of the project ( Summary report of project ДО-02-112/2008 “National center of bomedical photonics” – in Bulgarian) the scientific structer is properly functioning.


Projects and Cost Actions

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National Center of Biomedical Photonics

National center of biomedical photonics was established in the fames of a project funded by the National Science Fund of Bulgaria, Minestry of Education and Science, competition “Centers of excellence” 2008.


The consortium “National Center of Biomedical Photonics” (NCBP) is research infrastructure distributed between academic institutes, university hospitals and high-tech businesses, part of the European Science Network. The aim of the project is to upgrade and develop a state-of-the-art world-class research infrastructure to place Bulgaria in the field of biomedical photonics research and innovation. The activities foreseen in this project are: equipment upgrades, mobility trainings at leading European research centers, training researchers and representatives from the medical and industrial sectors, expanding human resources and attracting new scientific and applied groups, organization of seminars and conferences, providing quality products and training to end users through development of methods and applications of biomedical photonics, incl. medical institutions, manufacturers of medical optical and laser equipment, as well as activities for the dissemination of the obtained knowledge.

NCBP goals concerning the research plans of individual consortium partners include:

  • Investigation and determination of spectral characteristics of biological tissues, in health and pathology, incl. in oncogenesis (fluorescence steady state and time spectroscopy, absorption-transmission, diffuse-reflective, Raman, infrared spectroscopy, etc.). Development of discriminatory algorithms and tools for initial diagnosis and therapeutic monitoring of socially significant diseases
  • Development of systems for photodynamic therapy and theranostics, optical modification and modulation of biochemical, functional and morphological properties of biological tissues with therapeutic effect
  • Development of a mobile platform for the generation, validation and analysis of biological models in the fields of bio-medicine and biophysics, photodynamic medicine, optogenetics
  • Characteristics of optically active materials and biomimetic systems
  • Functionalization of biodegradation polyelectrolyte multilayer coatings for medical implants and optimization of their biocompatibility for nanomedicine application
  • Establishment of drug delivery systems based on natural biocompatible and biodegradable polyelectrolytes for encapsulation and release control.

General Aims

Strengthen and growth of the Institute of Electronics in the field of biomedical photonics as a leading research center in Bulgaria and in the region. Implementation of the developed in the IE conception about creation of new high-technological market niche in this area, based on the contemporary economic theory about “Competitive advantage of nations”. Achievement of high quality results in the research, development and introduction activities in the filed of biomedical physics and technology, as well as in the activities, related to the application of optoelectronic equipment and methods into clinical practice, formation and development of laser and optoelectronic equipment consumption and connected health services and training of highly specialized cadres.


  • Tissue optics
  • Medical imaging and tomography
  • Photodynamic and nano-medicine
  • Instrumentation and implementation

Used methods

Application and development of the classical methods of optical spectroscopy and realization of interdisciplinary transfer of methodologies for investigations and influence on the biological tissues. Development and growth of new research, diagnostic and therapeutic methods as optical biopsy, laser-assisted tissues reshaping, new multifactor control schemes for photodynamic therapy.

Expected results

  • Development of research and training national network of excellence, through synergy of physical, photobiological and medical resources;
  • Improvement of the education (Master and PhD student) programmes in medical physics, optoelectronics and photomedicine.
  • Development of interface products of the biomedical optoelectronics and ensuring of their high technological level through active cooperation with industrial partners.
  • Development of national infrastructure for Bulgaria’ participation in large-scale international research programmes underpinned by Biomedical Photonics.

National partnerships

International partnerships